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about enjoy tribute with natalia richer

My Message about Enjoy Tribute

I love food.

I didn’t grow up on a farm. I didn’t inherit a family cookbook. I didn’t spend late mornings cooking with my mom as we chatted about boys and life and herbs.

I come from that generation of city-living, computer-sitting, boxed-food-eating kids that grew up not knowing what an eggplant looked like or that green garnishes are edible. My mother is, likewise, a product of her own generation.

But excuses will only obstruct us as long as we let them.

We need to take matters and learning into our own hands. I want to unite our community in sharing knowledge and enhancing, fortifying and encouraging every sustainable link that connects us with our food. I hope that through this website we can grow together; become better cooks, healthier people and a stronger community.

Join me in a culinary adventure that can bring us closer to food and to honoring everything that made it possible!

In love and defense of food,

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Future Tribute

Tribute is a dream that in The Woodlands, Texas, we can open a physical space where people can come together through food.

A space that can provide a changing menu of seasonal dishes made from locally- and sustainably-sourced ingredients so that families and individuals can take healthier, heartier and yummier meals home.

Tribute should be equipped with a complete kitchen and a rustic dining set that can host a community cooking school featuring classes from local chefs and nutritionists that people may share in communal cooking, eating and celebrating.

From wine tastings, to canning and fermentation classes, to ethnic cuisines from around the world – Tribute aims to empower our community in The Woodlands with the facility and medium to eat good food.

what Tribute could look like

An idea of what Tribute could look like – an open kitchen with communal seating

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