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Elyse + Neil + Harvey getting ready for Baby LeGrow

I spent a lovely Sunday morning with my dear friends Elyse and Neil – we got together for a casual photo shoot & breakfast at their beautiful home.

They are expecting baby LeGrow this November so I wanted to get some quick photos of Elyse’s gorgeous pregnancy. Elyse has been rocking it so hard since day one that sometimes I just forget she’s going to be a mama soon.

Elyse and Neil are a power couple and I loved that I got to capture them at their home, relaxed and just doing their own thing.  I can’t wait to see Neil and Elyse as parents – they’re going to rock parenthood – and I can’t WAIT to meet baby LeGrow!

cooking together bighter

Sunday morning started with a late breakfast. Harvey got to enjoy some of the carrot scraps and we all got green shakes and egg sandwiches courtesy of Neil. I love how these photos turned out. Since we weren’t staging the photo shoot I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get good shots but Elyse and Neil are naturals and instead we got to catch up and have fun making breakfast. And how cute are they cooking together? They’re a smokin’ hot couple!

czz eating together2

Elyse and Neil will spend many of their weekends on house projects since they moved into their new home. They’ve gone from paintin’, framin’ and nailin’,  to making their own patio roof, all the way to hunting down a unique log across the state. And then screwing that log onto the wall as a shelf.

Recently they’ll work on baby LeGrow’s nursery room.

The room is adorable in lovely neutral colors and full of their dreams and hopes and love for baby LeGrow.

cz fixing room together

Harvey will make the funnest big brother. He’s such a gentle, happy, energetic big boy and soon he’ll have a baby human to look after!

cz in bed together

Neil & Elyse I send you lots of love and hope you guys enjoy family and Newfoundland this summer. Let’s do this again soon!

Love, Natalia

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