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On Making Friends, Goodbye to 2015

It’s 2016 and I want to share a little update.

2015 has been far from the easiest year. Somewhere along the wait for my green card, I lost track of what I wanted out of life. Lost and unemployed, the year of waiting came with insecurities, fear and many tests to my relationship. I lived for the times family would visit and the big house was lively and worries were put aside. Until it got quiet again.

Of course it wasn’t all bad. At all. In 2015 I was grateful for the lovely Texan warmth, for life and health. I am grateful for the challenges that test my relationship and grateful for the strength it has displayed to endure and overcome and improve.

In 2015 I became a better photographer, a more enthusiastic cook and a stronger person. I am especially proud of the risks I have taken and the friendships I have made.

Having been with Barna since high school I have always relied on the cushion of his extroversion, and enjoyed the mutual friendships, product of his charisma and contagious feel-good energy. Now for the first time ever I made friends on my own. And the main reason I’m so proud of it is because they are damn fine awesome ladies.

Yesterday we met for lunch at Elyse’s place. It was slow food; wild rice chicken soup and blueberry scones baked from scratch, paired with lovely conversation and lemon infused water with green tea. Yes, I think Elyse maybe invented that water infusion thing but it was absolutely genius.

lunch with friends lunch at elyse's conversatiopn outdoors

Elyse’s mom is a kick ass lady. She told us about the time her husband delivered Elyse after the doctors had made themselves scarce thinking “this is her first, she’ll be a while.” And there they are, alone in a hospital room having a baby! (I may have cried a bit. Not sure if I’m still emotional after my pregnancy scare or maybe I’m too excited for my friend Jessica expecting on march(!!!!))

Life is good. I’m grateful for the foods and my friends and the goods and bads.

2016 will be a great year and I just need to remember not to let go of the reigns. Not for one second.

Happy January 2016 to you all!


Hi! Thanks for reading! I’m a certified nutritionist exploring the local & sustainable foods scenes in The Woodlands and Houston! Keep in touch and follow me! As of 2017 my sister and I just opened an outdoor dessert café – check it out! I couldn’t be more excited!

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